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Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 10:09 PM CST
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“Everything goes through Tydrick,” head coach Alex Perkins said. “He's one of those players where you can put him where you need to as the game gets crucial.”

Marksville junior Tydrick Harrell is a versatile player, and he's been at it since the 6th grade. However, the grind doesn't stop for him.

“I feel like I’ve gotten better,” Harrell said. “I always feel like there's room to get even better than what I am right now. I have to keep working.”

When it comes to describing Tydrick's game, its layers to it. He says he can do whatever his team needs.

“I like to get to the goal and pass the ball,” Harrell said. “I'm a playmaking slasher.”

“You have to guard him in different scenarios,” Perkins said. “As the scenarios change, it opens up things for other players.”

Coach Perkins has been with Tydrick for most of his career and because of that their relationship is tight-knit.

“He helps me a lot,” Harrell said. “Every summer, he takes me everywhere I need to go. Everything I need he's there for me.”

“His 9th-grade year was my first year here,” Perkins said. “I saw him in junior high, and I thought they were pretty awesome then. They had all the right ingredients to be a good team.”

Once Tydrick leaves Marksville, he hopes to be a role model for players after him.

“I just want to be someone that all the younger players look up to. I want them to be better than me,” Tydrick said.

Tydrick Harrell is this week's ACA Athlete of the Week.

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