5 Things for Tuesday

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Aug. 1, 2017 at 7:28 AM CDT
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White House Change Up:

Yesterday we found out that the new White House chief of staff wasn’t messing around. In the same day that he was sworn in, John Kelly went ahead and threw out Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. He only served 10 days on the job, but they were quite eventful. Kelly is obviously running a tight ship, and it will be interesting what other changes the administration will see (it’s already been revealed that the President’s cabinet has to go through Kelly before they meet with Mr. Trump).

New State Laws:

Today over 200 laws go into effect in the state of Louisiana. These are the crop of bills that were passed back in June during the legislative session, and range widely from parking rules to permission for sunscreen.

Some highlights are that a portion of the Governor’s criminal justice overhaul will start today, including lighter sentencing and court fees. Abortion restrictions will be tighter for those under 18 (now requiring a guardian’s proof of ID) and cities that ticket drivers through cameras will have to warn motorists through signs.

Rapides Parish Meetings:

A couple of important meetings will be happening in Cenla today. There’s a special police jury meeting that will give us some more details on the contract between SMG and the Rapides Parish Coliseum. It was just a couple of weeks ago that the police jury agreed to let the venue management group take over- but nothing will be solidified until that document is official.

There will also be a school board meeting later today- the last one before school starts this month. We will have details on both those meetings later today.

North Korea’s Missiles:

Well, North Korea’s missiles are advancing in distance, but some analysts believe they won’t be packing much power. After looking at the video, experts say the missile launched on Friday failed to survive the extreme heat and pressure after re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. So for now, not exactly something to worry about. Knowing North Korea though, they will be attempting to change that.

The Great Peanut Butter Escape:

Well, those 12 inmates in Alabama had to get out somehow, and the finally explanation from the sheriff- peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. Apparently the inmates spread the substance on the number above the jail cell, confusing a new guard working in the control room. He accidentally let them out the wrong door, and all 12 of them got out.

As of now one of them is still on the run, who was in jail for drug charges. I’m sure once he’s found he’ll be in for a lot longer.