5 Things for Tuesday

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Jun. 13, 2017 at 7:10 AM CDT
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Jeff Sessions’ Testimony:

Today Jeff Sessions will testify in a public hearing before the Senate intelligence committee. While this testimony isn’t getting nearly as much buzz as James Comey’s last week, it still deserves our attention. It will be a first glimpse into Sessions’ feelings on his meetings with Russia (and possibly a super-secret 3rd meeting?).

Sessions wasn’t as quick to talk as Comey, so a ton of bombshells aren’t expected, but I’ll still be watching at 1 p.m. today to see if anything breaks.

Robert Mueller Rumor:

While we’re talking about possible connections to Russia, a rumor began to swirl yesterday that President Trump is thinking about firing Robert Mueller, the man in charge of the Russia investigation. This came from Christopher Ruddy, a close friend of Mr. Trump- but claims the President didn’t tell him the information, it was from a source.

Sean Spicer quickly shot down this claim, and I don’t blame him- firing Robert Mueller in the middle of an investigation would imply guilt. The claim is by firing Mueller, Mr. Trump could put more focus on his political agenda, but the opposite would most likely happen.

Russia Protests:

Some serious stuff has been going down in Russia the past couple of days. Several residents, fed up with Putin and the Kremlin, aligned with opposition party leader Alexey Navalny to protest the government’s supposed corruption.

When people took to the streets, over 1,400 people were arrested and Navalny himself was put in jail for calling for unlawful protests. Navalny is already planning to run against Putin in next year’s presidential election- it will be interesting to see if an opposition group has enough power to actually challenge Putin, who has been in a position of power for almost 20 years.

Megyn Kelly Backlash:

When Megyn Kelly put up her promo for her upcoming sit-down with Alex Jones, head of Infowars, yesterday, it’s doubtful she expected this much flack. Several people have called it shameful for Kelly to interview Jones, who is a known conspiracy theorist and Sandy-Hook skeptic. Jones himself has called on Kelly to pull the interview too, claiming she misrepresented his views.

Keep in mind that this is before the interview has even aired (Kelly is just in the 3rd week of her new show) and in the promo she clearly calls Jones out on his views about Sandy Hook. This incident puts an important question into perspective- is it better to sit down and discuss issues with people who think differently than us (even if it’s dramatic conspiracy theories) or ignore the ideas hoping they will go away on their own? It’ll be interesting to see if Kelly decides to pull the interview.

President Trump in Wisconsin:

The President is headed to Wisconsin today with his daughter Ivanka to visit a technical college. Mr. Trump hopes to promote more apprenticeships for manufacturing and other specialties. He also plans to make a pit-stop to support Wisconsin Governor Scoot Walker, who is up for re-election.