5 Things for Tuesday

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: May. 30, 2017 at 6:36 AM CDT
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Confederate Statue City Council Meeting:

Somehow Alexandria got the itch from other cities around the state to attempt to remove Confederate monuments, because a recent resolution by Councilman Jules Green aims to do just that. This will undoubtedly come to a head during the Alexandria City Council meeting later today, where the removal of the statue in front of the Rapides Parish Courthouse will be discussed.

Several have already said they will be vocal at the meeting, and with opinions all over the place- the meeting will most likely be very hectic. So whether you support the statue, want it removed, or you didn’t even know it was there- keep your eyes peeled for how this local issue plays out.

Portland Train Attack Suspect Heading to Court:

The man accused of the grisly attack that killed two on a Portland train is headed to court for the first time today. Jeremy Joseph Christian is being held on two counts of aggravated murder and one count of attempted murder.

The senseless incident began when three good Samaritans stepped in to help two women being verbally attacked with anti-Muslim slurs by Christian. He apparently then stabbed the three men- actual heroes, who were just trying to help. The two girls were thankfully unharmed.

Jury Selection for Philando Castile Shooting:

Speaking of court, up in Minnesota jury selection begins today for the trial of Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who shot and killed Philando Castile last July. You might remember the livestream that went viral of Castile’s death, filmed by his girlfriend. In the video Castile comes forth and says he’s armed, but is still shot dead by Yanez. Jury selection is vital for this case, with several wondering if race will be a major factor- Castile being black, and Yanez Hispanic.

Louisiana Senate Budget Proposal Looming:

Anytime this week the Louisiana Senate will unveil their version of the budget for next year, which looms large after Governor John Bel Edwards talked some serious smack about the House’s budget. Claims that the proposal by the House would equate to having to release prisoners early and destroy health programs led the Governor to say he would quickly veto anything that resembled it if it came across his desk.

House Republicans are calling these claims scare tactics, but it’s apparently working- though the major pressure is on the Senate, they plan to add back some of the money that the House cut.

Cyclone in Bangladesh:

At least 350,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas of Bangladesh as a cyclone hit the country as early as this morning. Cyclone Mora is a nasty one- causing high winds and heavy rains that have already started a wave of destruction. An estimated 10 million of Bangladesh’s 160 million residents live in low-lying areas though, which could lead to unfortunate casualties.

This weather has already had major effects on India and Sri Lanka as well- all these countries containing major amounts of coastline.