5 Things for Monday

Source: KALB
Source: KALB(KALB)
Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 7:12 AM CDT
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New Chief of Staff:

Later today John Kelly will be sworn in as the new chief of staff at the White House. Kelly, a retired Marine general- will most likely bring some structure to an often disorganized administration after Reince Priebus’ resignation last week. It’ll be interesting to see what the military man will change concerning the Trump administration.

The Great Escape:

Well, if you thought our prisoner escapes were bad… somehow, 12 inmates escaped from an Alabama jail late last night. It’s still not clear how all 12 of them got out of the Walker County Jail right outside of Jasper, but they’ll definitely have some explaining to do later today.

As of now, 11 out of the 12 escaped inmates have been caught. Also, two of those that escaped were in for attempted murder- not exactly the best situation for Alabama.

Rocky Relationship with Russia:

It’s expected that President Trump will sign the recent House and Senate approved sanctions on Russia sometime soon- which isn’t leaving Putin very happy. As of now, he’s kicked 750 American diplomats out of Russia, leaving them with just 455 (the same number of Russian diplomats in the U.S.). It’s unclear if any of this will affect Mr. Trump’s signature, the bill flew through Congress with heavy approval though.

The Situation in Venezuela:

Speaking of sanctions, the President is also thinking of putting some on Venezuela. This after madness in the country stemming from a recent election to choose a new national assembly- with the power to rewrite their Constitution. Over eight million casted ballots, but some think the whole thing is simply a power grab from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Just recently, six people died with protesters and police crashed- 125 in total since major unrest started in April. Some think by placing sanctions, maybe something will turn right for the country.

Class in Session:

School starts today for a new group of cadets training to be POST certified officers in Cenla- and it won’t be easy. The Alexandria Regional Police Academy will train these individuals both physically and mentally to make sure they’re ready to serve and protect our streets. Over the next few months they’ll go through over 500 hours of training before graduation.