Week 6 brings new challenges for Buckeye, Bolton as district play begins

Week 6 brings new challenges for Buckeye and Bolton as district play begins
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 7:32 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - As district play starts this week, Buckeye and Bolton are ready for the challenge. Bolton is coming off of a 60-point performance, and Buckeye has lost two straight games, but they are ready to get back into the win column.

Both teams are finding their stride on offense, and in Class 3A, it is rare to see a guy who plays in all three phases, but Buckeye’s Zander Smith has been a key part, filling in as quarterback and as a defensive back. He has had eight interceptions in just five games.

“Zander, he has been such an impressive player,” said Panthers’ Head Coach Ben McLaughlin. “He played last year, but until they had some unfortunate things happen, and some starters that were not able to last year, he was not even going to start as a junior. So, this in theory should be his first year to start, and here he is, he does not come off the field. For us to have that opportunity to win, the standard has to be met every single day, and hopefully, the consistency that we are showing on the field is stemming from the consistency that we do Monday through Thursday.”

Bolton has started to find rhythm, and Head Coach James Dartez said all they need to do is keep the consistency between their quarterback Brennan Paige and his receivers going into this week’s matchup, but with Buckeye’s defense, it could be tough.

“Going into Buckeye, they are going to be a very physical football team,” said Dartez. “They are not trying to run around you, they are going to run right at you. We have to match their physicality. The thing that I preach week in and week out is consistency. Everything is starting to come together. We are not where we want to be, but we are making great strides. We have to get that consistency. We can not have a great game, then a letdown game. We have to make sure we keep stringing things together to be where we want to be at the end of the season.”

Both teams hoping for consistency and their physicality to kick in this week and to be able to come out on top as the new season of district play begins.

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