Another special meeting on the Alexandria Police Department set for May 12

City Council President Catherine Davidson claims Mayor Hall’s administration “doctored information” and “threatened APD officers”
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 10:17 AM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - City Council President Catherine Davidson has scheduled another special meeting to address staffing at the Alexandria Police Department. The meeting is set for May 12 at 4 p.m.

The move came in a letter sent to the administration of Mayor Jeff Hall, who did not show up to the previous special meeting on APD.

In the letter, Davidson shared that the council is “conducting an investigation of the Administration’s continued assertion that all nine zones are covered at all times.” She claims that this is because Mayor Hall’s administration:

  1. “Has refused to respond to repeated request for PUBLIC information related to APD;
  2. Has provided information that is not factually correct related to requests for PUBLIC information related to APD;
  3. Has taken PUBLIC information provided by APD to the Administration and has changed, altered and/or doctored the information to cover up the Administration’s previously noted assertions;
  4. Has threatened APD officers with discipline related release of PUBLIC information;
  5. Asked the APD to sign a confidentially agreement and a sub-contractor agreement, which violate the law.”

As it concerns the new special meeting, Davidson’s letter also stated that she is “less concerned with unveiling the coverup that we all know is going on,” and “more concerned with the safety of the citizens of Alexandria, the safety of the Police Officers of APD and the integrity of the Alexandria Police Department.”

She asked again that Mayor Hall’s administration “ASK FOR HELP,” a callback to the first special meeting where she recommended Mayor Hall reach out to the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office for assistance covering the zones. KALB spoke with Sheriff Mark Wood this week, who said RPSO deputies would be willing to help with APD patrol - if asked.

There are 15 days between this new special meeting and the previous one - something Mayor Hall asked for in his letter to Davidson, where he said “reasonable notice” is needed to produce the APD documents Davidson is asking for. In her letter, Davidson asked for a plan to fill the 40+ vacancies at APD, ask for help, and implement a recruiting plan with the $113,000 the Alexandria City Council authorized to be contracted.

“We are here because this Administration does not communicate, unless you agree with them.  We do not believe the zones are covered, we do not believe that crime is declining in Alexandria and we do not believe that employees should be forced to cover up the truth.” said Davidson.

The letter ended with this statement from Davidson, “I am begging the Administration to communicate and ASK FOR HELP!!!!!”

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