Progress slowly moving along on the gym at Hicks High School

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 6:29 PM CST
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VERNON PARISH, La. (KALB) - Many people are still rebuilding after Hurricane Laura hit four months ago, and a lot of eyes are on the gym at Hicks High School.

Concern amongst the public has continued to grow as water saturates the gym’s floor. Recently, a letter on social media surfaced saying impart:

“Since the devastation caused by the hurricanes to our gymnasium, it appears that nothing much is being done to address this situation. It is so disheartening to students, athletes, coaches and the community to daily realize such loss and not have the HOPE of seeing work begun to rectify this situation.”

“Nothing has been done in the past four months [and] it appears that area has been neglected,” James Williams, the superintendent with the Vernon Parish School Board, said. “Even though it appears that way, that’s certainly not the case.”

Instead, Williams says the gym is a top priority. According to Williams, the gym is part of a $27 million insurance claim. Williams also says architects and adjusters are still trying to decide what is the best way to move forward. Does the building need to be demolished and rebuilt, or can they save what’s left?

“The decision on when and how is not ours,” Williams said. “That is up to the insurance company and what they decided with their architects.”

Jennifer Wilbanks, the assistant principal at the Hicks High School, recently released a letter saying impart:

“As we move forward in this process, I feel strongly that excitement will grow and our community will begin to pull together as we see progress being made.”

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