NSU students back on campus for fall semester with COVID-19 protocols

Classes being offered both in-person and online
Published: Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:18 PM CDT
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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - When the pandemic shut down Louisiana in March, students at NSU moved off campus and online. “It feels amazing. We’ve been gone for six months. We’re back home. It feels great. Seeing everyone again and seeing all these new faces. You can just feel the excitement in the air,” two students told us.

On Monday, students were back on campus for the fall semester. “Graduation was postponed so getting to at least be on campus with other students is great,” says one freshman student. Like other students around the state, NSU students will have a non-traditional semester. “They go back and forth like some days you’ll have like an online class and then the next time you go you might have to go face to face,” says another student. In-person classes will bring new health and safety precautions. “The teachers have to wear plexiglass and masks which makes me feel more safe. They spaced out the desks in the room and there are less people in there.”

There are also socially distant measures to keep people safe, in addition to a mandatory mask order on campus. “In Kaiser for sure we do have socially distant stickers and certain stairwells are only used for going up and down stairwells,” says one student. “When you speak in class you have to keep it on. When you sitting far away from people you still have to keep it on,” adds another student.

Students we talked with told us, there are some nerves about all the changes, but most were just happy to be back on campus with some semblance of normal life. “For me personally it will probably be the learning experience because I’m more of an in-person type of learned and we have to do both so we have to make it work so that’ll be my challenge,” says one student. “A little chaotic because everything’s a little bit of everywhere but Northwestern is doing a great job trying to keep everything under control.”

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